Welcome to Age of Elysian

Welcome to Age of Elysian, a server that has been building an immersive and feature-packed experience for players across the globe ever since 2011. We pride ourselves on our close-knit community, integrity, and commitment to being a second home to our many diverse and amazing players.

There's a little bit for everyone. Be it building a factory with Slimefun; minmaxing the ultimate build with RPG skills and gear; adventuring and questing; growing your town and nation; or just building with friends, you are sure to find what you're looking for – and probably something you never knew you wanted, too!

What we offer

For seasoned veteran players,
there are many new things to discover, new mechanics to learn, perhaps even a rediscovery of novelty to be found. You will find with us the everyday essentials you're used to on most servers, but also a server fresh and unique to its core. Eager for a change of pace? Give it a try!

And we welcome beginners, too.
Even if you are a newbie, no sweat. We don't force any of the new and custom things on anyone: you're free to play the game your way, to learn as you go, and of course, welcome to ask for help or guidance at any time. We were all noobs once ;)

  • An amazingly entertaining and helpful community. We also have a Discord server which you can join.
  • Custom built dungeons: with challenging, unique monsters and tough but fair boss fights.
  • Skills and leveling through mcMMO: spec out your own, unique fighting style!
  • Expansive, custom built spawn region: Dungeons to discover, treasures to find, and adventures embark upon!
  • A dynamic and fully player-driven economy: with prices based on supply and demand.
  • A playtime-based ranking system: unlock new abilities, titles, and perks as you play. No p2w!
  • Dedicated developer team: a band of Minecraft and programming enthusiasts brought together from all across the world by a common passion: to create the most unique and amazing Minecraft server with top-of-the-line tech and expertise.


Towny lets players team up and protect their builds.
Towny is quite similar to Factions for those familiar with it, but with far less focus on raiding and strife. Instead, Towny encourages players to build their own communities and work together. Of course, going solo is fine too – though it's much nicer to play with friends!

In principle, each town is a group of players that collectively own land and money. The town can then distribute that land to its players – residents – as plots, or permit them to build freely – or anything in between. It can also levy taxes for distributed plots, or by shop income. Towny's robust rank and permission system lets you run your town exactly the way you like.

Multiple towns can also join together to form a Nation, which in turn can ally, compete, or wage war with other nations in massive-scale, player-driven geopolitics that span the entire server world.

As price for protection of land, towns must pay a daily upkeep, or they will fall to ruin. Ruined towns become infested with undead to guard the loot left behind, but even in ruins, a town can still not be griefed; it will stand as a landmark for future players forever. The items can still be taken, however, transforming ruins into a kind of a natural dungeon.

Just taking a tour and visiting the many beautiful towns our players have built is already worth the trip!


Slimefun is a revolutionary Bukkit plugin which seeks to replicate the experience of a modded playthrough like FeedTheBeast, IndustrialCraft, or Tekkit, but allows players to play without installing a single mod.

We run our own customized version of Slimefun to offer an unique take on it. The code has been redone from the ground-up to ensure the server can handle even the largest bases, and we have installed or created a number of addons to help you create the best factory ever.

  • Exotic Garden which adds tons of new food types and unique plants.
  • BluishMachines with many quality-of-life machines to streamline your factory pipeline.
  • ShrekTech adding high-tech machines like electric spawners and autocrafters.
  • ShrekEx, a better-performing and easier-to-use rewrite of the Slimefun Cargo system, with many quality of life improvements, such as the ability to copy filters and node settings.
  • RadiantItems, which we use to bind skills and abilities to our dungeon loot.
  • A resource pack with textures for all the Slimefun items.
  • And many more. Hop on and see, or ask on the Discord if you think something is missing!

Slimefun can be daunting to beginners, but don't worry; you don't have to play with it if you don't like to. Everything is optional until you decide to tackle it, and if you need help with it, don't be afraid to ask!

Relaxed & Fair Rules

Syndria Town Rules
  1. Play Nice: sporting competition and strife are OK, but don't go out of your way to ruin someone's day just for the sake of ruining it.
  2. De-escalate: if you're wronged, let us sort it out. Don't pursue revenge or 'justice' on your own. Let us know on the Discord #support channel.
  3. Mind Your Tone: profanity and swearing is fine, but be mindful. For example, if someone is uncomfortable with a particular slur, avoid it while they are in the same chat room.
  4. Follow Community Rules: if your town, nation, team, etc. has agreed to rules, follow them.
  5. Arguments: we firmly believe in freedom of expression and discourse. Just keep in mind the following:
    • You are not entitled to the right not to be offended.
    • Keep it in private chat. Use /msg ingame, DMs on Discord.
    • If you can't handle it, /ignore the other person and pretend they don't exist.
    • If you get /ignored, don't try to get around the ignore list.
  6. Griefing: there are no rules in the Wilderness, but don't destroy or steal from others' builds in towns. To promote transparency, we keep logs for every container and block interaction that anyone can view with /pr i. So keep in mind that anyone can see what you did!

Balanced Gameplay

Some things in the game, like falling into lava or the void can be unfairly punishing. We've made a number of tweaks to the game to keep things fair without nerfing the challenge:

  • Souls: when you die, your items don't drop; they are put in a soul at the last safe place you were at before dying. This means you can always recover your items.
  • Deathpos: beginners can use the /deathpos command to return to where they died. The cooldown of the command scales with your playtime, so you can't rely on it forever.
  • Day-Night Cycle: days are longer than normal on the server, and the nights are shorter – but harder! There's more time for building, but when the sun does set, you better get indoors!
  • Fair PvP looting: Souls can't be picked up by others for a few hours after dropping, so you still have a chance to recover your items even if you get killed in PvP.
  • Combat-tag: all rank perks, such as /fly, get disabled in combat.
  • Monster Spawning: while town claims prevent monsters from spawning, they can still walk into the town from outside. Be sure to build a wall!
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We don't put limits on your imagination.

Many servers put size limits on Slimefun Cargo networks. Or on the number of hoppers a player can place; or the amount of spawners at an XP grinder.

We don't.

We monitor and identify the causes of lag as players discover them, and then deliver solutions rather than restrictions. Our players have always pushed the limits of even the most expensive commercially available hardware, but over the years we've learned to uplift those limits with software. We very carefully curate and modify our plugins and software to suit our needs and the ambitions of our players.

The server runs on a AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor clocked to 4.7GHz, with 10GB of dedicated DDR4 RAM, on a NVMe SSD RAID-1 hard drive.