Our Discord server

We have a highly casual, active and friendly community on our Discord server.
Even if you're not really into Minecraft, or are taking a break from it, feel free to join and spend some time with us! We talk about all manner of things, not just Minecraft, and you'd be surprised to see how diverse our interests and origins are.

The Discord is also where we take suggestions, handle support queries, and post dev updates and news. You can also auction items and leave trading offers/requests in the trade channel.

Finally, the in-game server chat is connected to the #ingamechat channel on the Discord, so you can talk with the people on the server even from your phone. Ranks, nicknames, and town memberships are also synchronized, so you can easily tell who's who.

Link your Minecraft account

  1. Join the server, register, then use the command "/discord" to receive an invitation link and join our Discord server if you haven't already.
  2. Add a reaction to the message in the #verify channel to confirm that you are not a robot, if this is your first time here.
  3. Proceed to use the command "/discord link" ingame. You will receive a link code, something like this: "1234".
  4. Send the link code in a DM (Direct Message) to TayAI, find the bot in the discord member list located on your right side.
  5. You're all set!
Discord crowd