Meet the Team

A Minecraft server needs a diverse and specialized set of skills and experience to run smoothly. There probably doesn't exist a 'fullstack' server admin, but we've put together a team where everyone contributes the depth of their expertise to the whole.

Core Team

There's no 'owner', 'co-owner', or anything of the sort. Age of Elysian is, and always has been, a team effort. The team and its structure have changed along the years, but the core team is always made up of those with the most free time, passion, and expertise in their field.

Head Builder

Hunk has a style and a vision, and he knows his way around the tools of the trade. Many of the largest builds on the server, like the Towny Spawn and the Hub, are his handiwork.

Head Admin

We don't like to put the team in rankings, but if we had to pick an admin to be the first among equals, it'd probably be NoPower. He's always up to the challenge, and picks up the slack for the rest of us.


Technical backend details, like leasing the server hardware and sorting out domain ownership, fall on Qalle (no, we don't know how it's pronounced). He also doubles as a developer, specializing in Bukkit plugin development.

Lead Dev

Our friendly neighborhood software engineer™ Linox freelances on the side as a Bukkit plugin developer by the nick ajan_12. Many of our custom plugins are written or modified by him to tailor them to our specific needs.


Administrators are the backbone of the staff team. Most of the server's functions are automated, but sometimes, human intervention or oversight is needed, and that's where the admins step in. They have access to the server internals and various tools to deal with serious problems like corruputed player/world data, lost passwords, or game bugs.







Moderators keep things civil 'in the field', and sort out issues as they arise. They can timeout or kick offenders, and have inspection tools to keep an eye on cheaters and the like. They're usually veteran members of the community who've proven to live up to their reputation.





The secret ingredient in an unique and well set-up server is custom code, and for custom code, you need coders. Their work might not be as immediately obvious, but without our dependable dev team, we wouldn't be where we are. When bugs arise or plugins break, we can count on them to get things back in working order.





Building things in Minecraft is an art, and we're lucky to count a couple of very talented builders in our number. You can see their work all over the map. Our custom dungeons and other discoveries at Towny Spawn are just a few examples of what they can do.





Join the Team

It's not just about the server – we also want to offer a platform for everyone who's passionate about the game to bring out the best of their vision. We all fell in love with Minecraft because of its endless possibility, where imagination's the only limit.

And together, putting together our skills and helping each other out to fill in the blanks, we can bring that imagination to life, for people all across the world to enjoy.


We offer a comprehensive set of tools to make building easier and faster, including WorldEdit and VoxelSniper, as well as unique decoration options via ImageMap, ArmorStandEditor, and HeadDatabase.

But there's a lot more to brilliant builds than just placing blocks. How about NPCs? Dynamic objects, or visual effects? Our developers and admins are well-versed in bringing builds to life, and we'll help you in realizing your vision. If needed, our developers can always put together custom code to create exactly what your build needs.

And even if you don't know the tools like WorldEdit, no sweat, we'll help you learn.

To apply, you can send a free-form application in the #support channel on the Discord server. Make sure to include the following:

  • Some screenshots of your builds, so we can see what you can do!
  • List the building tools you're most familiar with, if any.
  • Tell us a little about your preferred building style.
  • Are there any projects you'd specifically like to work on?


Interested in Minecraft plugin development, or programming in general?

Whether you're already an expert, a beginner, or just thinking about picking it up, we have many interesting projects for you to hone your skills on. Or if you have your own ideas, we can discuss and develop them together – we've been around the block, so we might be able to offer a fresh perspective.

To apply, you can send a free-form application in the #support channel on the Discord server. Make sure to include the following:

  • Some links to your GitHub repos (if any), so we can see what you can do!
  • Which languages are you proficient in? Any programming/scripting background?
  • Are there any projects you'd specifically like to work on?


There's not much flair or glory to be put on the mod role, but if you're looking to help out, or just want to join the team, we're always open for applications.

Mods lead by example, and they're the 'front-face' of the community, so while we don't require any technical skills, we're selective about personality and manners. We don't demand anything superhuman, of course, just a little bit of common sense, maturity, and integrity.

To apply, you can send a free-form application in the #support channel on the Discord server. We'll put you on a trial period where we evaluate your behaviour and reputation to see if you make the cut.


Looking to bring your ideas of custom mobs, bosses, quests, or items into life?

The Editor program is our platform for people who have no skills or interest in programming to still create content. We offer an arsenal of scripting and config based frameworks for you to create new mobs, bosses, and custom items, with unique abilities and skills.

You can also collaborate with our builders and developers to fill in the gaps – get help in building a dungeon for your boss, for example, or code a custom MythicMob mechanic for your mob's unique skill.

To apply, reach out to us in the #support channel on the Discord server. We can then talk about what you'd like to do and whether we can help you out with it.