Help us Out

PlanetMinecraft Voting Page

Voting pushes us up on Server Lists, making it easier for new players to find us and join our community.

Help us out by voting for us daily, and we'll give you some nice in-game rewards as thanks:

  • Vote Crate keys to roll random rewards from /warp crate.
  • Money, with bonuses for daily vote streaks.
  • For top 3 weekly/monthly voters, perks like /fly for the duration of that week/month.
  • Top 3 all-time voters hold the exclusive [Top Voter] rank.

Note that all of these rewards (except the decorative titles) are completely obtainable with just /playtime rankings and other achievements. None of them are exclusive to voters – we try our best to strike a balance between fair and equal play, and giving our supporters the rewards they deserve.